Explore Sanjeevani – The Self-Serve Tech Platform

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Sanjeevani is Jeevantika’s state of art communication and process management platform. It encompasses solution to all possible hurdles faced by the shareholder.

The primary idea of Sanjeevani is to heal two basic problems.

  1. It understands Shareholder’s unique problem
  2. Offers customised solution for every unique problem

It’s a self-serve tech platform which also offers customers option to Upgrade for Premium Services upon request by the Shareholder.

Let’s explore Sanjeevani in a step by step manner to understand its features and its innate ability to both process shareholders unique problems and simultaneously offer customised solutions.

Step 1: Fill Registration Form

Step 2: Post Registration, it will ask for you to Login with your mobile number and your password.

Step 3: After logging in, complete the Personal Details.

Step 4: After completing personal details, fill the company details by selecting the company from the drop-down list of companies. Fill the number of shares that you hold. Complete the set of relevant questions asked for determining your potential problems. You can add more than one Company.

Step 5: After completing the registration page, you will be directed to the Dashboard. All your combined work with completion status is reflected on this page thru the tracker. Click on the name of the company on the top of the tracker to further explore Sanjeevani.

Step 6: This section covers all relevant details required to be furnished, to complete the requisite formats of the RTAs to process the application. This unique platform offers you to create and maintain your communication with both Company and RTA thru its Create Letter section.

Step 7: After filling relevant section as required in the last step, you can download your completed formats ready to be printed and sent to the RTA/Company/IEPF. The tracker on the Dashboard will keep track of your completed work and will keep you updated on the amount of work completed.

Step 8: Keep track of your tracker to complete your process and reclaim your shares. That’s how easy we have made it. So, let’s begin. Register and start with the process of reclaiming your shares.

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