Sanjeevani-Our Tech Platform


True to its name, Sanjeevani is our state of the art technology platform which provides E2E life cycle management of physical share cases (trace/lost/duplicate/succession etc). This platform has customizable modules to cater to needs of retail as well as enterprise customers. This platform guides our customer through every step during the process. It provides complete workflow process of steps with Standard Templates, Good Practices, Document repository etc. It minimizes human erros through standardized templates and checklists.

The complete feature set includes.

Completion Dashboard :It provides the completion status of each process cutting through the complexities of multiple folios with multiple issues.

Process Control/Zero error : It guides the customers to what all steps to follow in sequential or parallel manner to save time. It provides Alerts in case of steps missed. It does not allow the customer to go to next step unless the previous all steps have been completed in 100%. Breaks down the process for better resolution of issues.

Standardized Templates :It provides standardized templates for all kind of documents across RTA’s/companies required for the process.

Document Repository : There is a mini DMS (Document management System) which allows customers to upload and download the documents and maintain their repository. It also provides templates to various letters/formats required by the RTA.

Notifications & Alerts : The intelligent systems sends alerts and notifications to customer to proactively work for the next steps in the process.